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Silly Wisdom

Sophia Latjuba, Wulan Guritno, Yuni Shara are some to mention who incredibly shows how life starts at 40 or event 50.

Earlier ages may think that life crisis happens at teen-ages. Complication and competition about circle of friends/gangs, gadget to buy, shoes to wear, bag to style, dance or skate, math or physic, and of course romance drama.

Then they bloom at 20s. Graduates. Working in a reputable company with certain position.

Then comes the time when "the family has questions"...

  • When will you marry?

  • Where is your boyfriend/girlfriend?

  • Our neighbor's son/daughter salary has reached double digit, when will you?

  • Oh look, I am getting older, when can I hold my grandkids?

Back again to the first paragraph, one of a TikTok post have shared that those ladies actually aging beautifully, (maybe) because they-have-no-husband. Read it again, dear Family noises!

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