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Two of best quotes..

Ernest Prakasa, an active movide director, a movie producer, a script writer, an actor, a father and a stand-up comedian, said an unforgettable line (well, at least for me) on the 10th anniversary of Hahaha Corp celebration where he is one of the founders, Tawa Dasawarsa, in Bali, 3 December 2022.

The line was "Life is not about the duration, it is about the contribution."

It is indeed an eye-opening line from me.

I am, an introvert person, who continuously being underestimated of my value and quality, previously always belief in what Plato ever said, "Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow."

Since Ernerst said that contribution line, I feel so much relatable.

All this time, I always wonder if I have any certain destination in life. The more I think of it, the more it is difficult to find out.

Being honest, I always difficult to know what I mean to be. For what I should be born. For why God created me.

I have been through too many contemplations to answer that (speaking of broken home, alpha woman as my mother, wrong university major, uncertain career path.. those to mention a few).

When I remember again Ernest line, inside my heart I said "Yes, maybe this is it..", I suddenly can understand why I always have the Plato quote stuck in my mind.

I then know, I am not bothered of having certain goal in life because simply I am busy of giving contribution as much as I can. I do really focus on process and be grateful for whatever result outcome.

The hardest part on life is on the process stage, process on how to make thing happens, to make sure a perfect-excellent execution.

There, on the process stage, is where so many people involved are being forgotten by some spotlight person who loves taking credit of others and be the center of attention.

There, on the process stage, is the reasons why some people are not counted and less appreciated, yet conversely, they are the actual team who work with the heart and willing to give their extra miles.

And yes, giving contribution, as much as it does not result the respect the way it should be, is still and has been a goal, somehow.

Thank you, Ernest, for being that old, so you could say that line.

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