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The Unworthy

You have parents you can't choose.

You have a family you can't choose.

You have a boss you can't choose.

You have public opinion (about you) you can't control.

Among all of the choices in life, among all of the authorization in life, however you still have part where you can do nothing.

Even if you can choose (e.g. lifetime partner such as husband or wife - that you will spend the rest of your life with), you barely know how they have been raised.

The point is... manage your expectation, and your assumption.

If you are not loved as the way you want, doesn't mean you are not loved at all.

If you are not respected as the way it should be, doesn't mean you are disrespected.

If you are not valued as who you are, and continuously being underestimated, doesn't mean you are unworthy.

A boss of mine told me, life is too short to think all of the hatred and bad words about us.

Focus to the good things where we can contribute in life. Try to consolidate only if necessary.

The rest, try to let go and move forward.

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